Rental Requirements

By renting a car from Ability Rent A Car, you agree with our terms and conditions mentioned on this page, on this website and on the Rental Agreement you sign.

General Requirements to Rent A Car in Dubai

  1. You will need a current, valid Driver’s Licence held for a minimum of one year and any necessary international driver’s permits. If you have any endorsements or driving disqualifications please call us on  +971 54 350 1438  before booking as this may prevent you from hiring a vehicle.
  2. You must be 21 years of age or older in order to hire from Ability Rent a Car.
  3. You must have your original passport present as proof of identity. If you are a visitor then you must show your visa status.
  4. We will retain a copy of your passport and driving licence for our records, so please ensure you have both originals ready before renting from us. Please note: Ability Rent A Car will never retain your original documents.
  5. A valid credit card will be needed to for rental deposits.

Your Obligations

  1. You must have some experience of driving either in UAE or in your home country.
  2. You must follow the traffic guidelines.
  3. You must pay us the holding deposit before renting a car.
  4. You must pay all the fines which are accrued during your period of hire. All fines can be see on the Dubai Police’s website to ensure transparency for both parties.
  5. You must pay for the damage which you cause to either the exterior or interior of the rented vehicle.
  6. If the damage caused by you is more than the deposit amount, then you agree to pay the repair costs invoiced to you.
  7. In an unfortunate event where you are involved in an accident, you must call 999 immediately and then notify us. You must remain with the vehicle where it is safe to do so until help arrives.
  8. Any minor damage to the car must be reported immediately. You must takes photographs of the damage and send it to us via WhatsApp on +971 54 350 1438.
  9. You are liable to pay for insurance excess which differs depending on the value of the car.
  10. You are liable to pay for uninsured damage caused to the car.
  11. If you have lost the key of the car, replacement key will be provided at your expense.
  12. You are responsible for obtaining a police report if you the accident you were involved in wasn’t your fault. Failure to do so will mean you be 100% liable for the damage caused to our cars.
  13. You must not permit any third parties to drive the car you have rented from us. Only named driver on the agreement is insured to drive.
  14. You must bring the car back to us at the agreed time. Any lateness is chargeable as full day rent.
  15. If you have arranged collection of your rental vehicle, then you must inform us of this with at least 2 hour notice period. Any late notice will result in one full days rental being charged.
  16. You must not smoke any type of tobacco inside our cars, if found to be doing so, you will be fined upwards of 1000 AED.
  17. If driving with a child, then you must use a child safety seat as it is the law in Dubai.
  18. If you drive recklessly, then the Hirer reserves the right to take the vehicle back and no refunds will be given.
  19. If the car needs an urgent repair or service, you must bring the car back to us (a replacement will be provided where possible).
  20. You are not permitted to repair the car. All repairs must go through Hirer’s authorised bodyshop. You will be liable for the repairs if we discover that you have tried to repair the car yourself or via an unauthorised bodyshop.
  21. If you cause the accident, then you will be liable for the repairs or value of the car.
  22. If you cause an accident whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you will be liable for all the fines, damage caused and the Court fees.
  23. You are responsible for any damage caused to the car whilst it is parked. You must therefore ensure it is safely parked and within the parking bay to avoid unnecessary damage.
  24. If you are found to be in breach of these terms, then the hirer will demand the vehicle to be returned or shall confiscate the vehicle to avoid any further violations. No refunds will be provided, and any confiscation expense will be payable by you.
  25. You must 5% VAT on the hire.
  26. You must pay the applicable Salik every time you pass a Salik Gate. This will be calculated at the end of your rental period and billed accordingly.

Ability’s Obligations

  1. We will provide a well maintained vehicle.
  2. We will clean and sanitise the vehicle before hand over.
  3. We will provide a serviced vehicle with no defects to the engine
  4. We will provide a vehicle which is safe and fit for the purpose rented.
  5. We will deliver the car to your location free of charge within Dubai.
  6. We will collect your car from your location.
  7. We will insure the car for you.
  8. We will provide 24/7 recovery within Dubai free of charge.
  9. To provide a like-for-like vehicle if your car needs an urgent repair or service.

Mileage Policy

Most of our cars are limited to 200 – 250 KMs per day.

Excess mileage is charged at 28 AED per KM.

You must notify us at the time of hire if you intend to take the car outside Dubai or you anticipate going over the daily Kilometer allowance.

Prohibited Activities

You must respect the car rented from Ability.

You must not race, overspeed, drive off-road or use to for towing.

Any damage caused by prohibited activities will be your liability.